Climate protection and energy efficiency in the industrial area

Green Industry Park

As part of the "Green Industry Park Freiburg", abbreviated GIP, initiative launched in 2014 by the city of Freiburg, the municipal economic development agency Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe (FWTM), the regional energy service provider badenova and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE), the oldest and largest industrial area in Freiburg with an area of 300 hectares, 500 companies and around 12,000 employees is to be developed into a pioneering, sustainable, energy and resource-efficient industrial area that will serve as a model for the whole of Germany. This is about networking the companies involved with individual company solutions, jointly developing new, innovative projects and pilot schemes, and identifying and using savings potential, cooperation and optimisation opportunities in the field of environmental and climate protection.

Green Industry Park Freiburg (Photo: FWTM/Spiegelhalter)
Green Industry Park Freiburg (Photo: FWTM/Spiegelhalter)
Winner: "Climate Ative Municipality 2018" (Photo: Difu)
Green Industry Park Workshop (Photo: FWTM)


The four partners coordinate the project together. The Green Industry Park steering committee takes place regularly under the direction of the Freiburg Environmental Protection Department. 

GIP-Partner City of Freiburg (Photo: Stadt Freiburg)
GIP-Partner badenova (Photo: badenova)
GIP Partner Fraunhofer ISE (Photo: Fraunhofer ISE)
GIP-Partner FWTM (Photo: FWTM)

With the project of an emission-free heat supply within the framework of the GIP, Freiburg is one of the winners in the competition "Climate Active Municipality 2018". The award was given for the climate-friendly energy supply of a commercial and industrial area.

The “Green Industry Park” concept is now to be expanded to other industrial areas in Freiburg, starting with the industrial area of Hochdorf.