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Sustainability management

Freiburg as a pioneer – Sustainability – Taking a holistic view to achieve a sustainable city

In order to ensure a sustainable quality of life in Freiburg and to meet our global responsibility, major political and administrative challenges have to be overcome: climate change, energy transition, responsible handling of resources and investments, demographic change, strengthening social cohesion, and digitalization.

Sustainable development is a cross-cutting issue that touches on all areas of life—and therefore all responsibilities of a municipality as well. Sustainability goes far beyond the narrow understanding of environmental and climate protection to likewise include social action, education, culture, and the handling of public finances in a way that is equitable and fair to future generations. The Freiburg Sustainability Goals define Freiburg’s understanding of sustainable development. The 59 goals were adopted by the City Council and chart the path to a sustainable Freiburg in 2030.