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The Freiburg economic region - consisting of the City of Freiburg and the administrative districts of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and Emmendingen - maintains an innovative business development cluster with a special focus on the environmental and renewable energy sectors. Companies and institutions with international reputations, as well as many individual pioneers, have contributed to making this possible.
The areas of research and development, technology transfer and environmental education serve as motors in driving a regional economic portfolio covering solar and renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, sustainability (also in buildings), and other green technologies. Especially important is the contribution of small- and medium-sized enterprises representing trades, crafts, production and services. 

Since 2008, the Green City Cluster Freiburg has been connecting companies and institutions from the environmental industry, thereby supporting its members in sharing their knowledge and experience with one another. From the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE to the Energieagentur Regio Freiburg GmbH , from consulting firms to solar architects, and from zero-emissions hotels to skilled-trade workshops, the spectrum covers the entire range of the environmental industry and, in doing so, facilitates the transfer of technology.

Kreativworkshop (Foto: FWTM/ Enderle-Ammour)
Kreativworkshop (Foto: FWTM/ Enderle-Ammour)
Solar Info Center Freiburg (Foto: FWTM/ Wudtke)
Radstation am Hauptbahnhof (Foto: FWTM/ Düpper)
Radstation am Hauptbahnhof (Foto: FWTM/ Düpper)
Güterbahnhof (Foto: FWTM/ Spiegelhalter)
Green City Stand auf der "The Smarter E Europe" (Foto: FWTM)

Cluster members are frequent recipients of prestigious awards. For example, the company Nexwafe was just recently presented with the 2019 Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Award. The innovative production of silicon wafers for the solar industry without any kerf loss takes a completely new approach: with the patented “in-line” process, it is possible to reduce the silicon needed for wafer production by almost half. In addition, cluster member Taifun-Tofu won the 2020 German Sustainability Award in the “SME” category for “making an important contribution to feeding the world’s growing population” with its plant-based organic foods, according to the jury.

With its activities, the Green City cluster contributes to the positioning of the cluster members in the global markets for services and products in the fields of renewable and solar energies, energy efficiency, sustainable planning and construction, and environmental technologies. The aim is to secure sustainable jobs in the region and to create new ones. 
This is done through:

  • Marketing of the competencies of the regional cluster and the "Green City Freiburg" in the form of flyers, brochures, etc.
  • Presentation of the Freiburg location, e.g. in the context of trade fairs and conferences, such as the Intersolar / The Smarter E-fairs
  • Image cultivation and networking
  • Maintenance and further development of the website www.freiburg.de/greencity
  • Participation in and communication of innovative "lighthouse projects"
  • Visitor service.
Florian Fletschinger
Florian Fletschinger

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