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Languages: German, Italian, English, Spanish

For 10 years now, aiforia (Greek = sustainability) has been working for a sustainable and responsible use of natural resources, both on a local as well as on a regional and international level. Thereby the promotion of the exchange of experiences is in the foreground, but also our constant motivation to initiate new ideas and initiatives. In addition to our involvement in various projects, we offer on-site seminars and guided tours to familiarize interested visitors with the "Green City" of Freiburg. As part of our study tours, we take you to the sustainability "hotspots" in Freiburg and the surrounding  region around the topics of urban planning, mobility, renewable energy, citizen participation, nutrition and more. We are always open to your interests and thematic priorities. Let Green City Freiburg inspire you!

Current Projects:

2019: "Good climate when celebrating", Guideline for sustainable events, "Kleeblatt für Nachhaltigkeit“ from the BNE-Fund of the City of Freiburg

2019-2022: SEE ME IN – Promote equal opportunities of entrepreneurs with migration background, INTERREG Central Europe

2017-2019: Attractive Danube, Strenghtening of Region Attractiveness, INTERREG Danube Region

2018: Regional potatoe instead of couch potatoe, Regional Supply,  "Kleeblatt für Nachhaltigkeit“ from the BNE-Fund of the City of Freiburg

2014 -2016 Aquapath, Development of a Water Footprint calculator, ERASMUS+ aquapath-project.eu

Further projects and information: https://www.aiforia.eu/projects/

Solar Info Center (Photo: Aiforia)
Vauban tour (Photo: Aiforia)
Photo: Aiforia
Photo: Aiforia