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Sustainable urban development

Urban planning

The urban planning office is a think tank and agenda setter in one, hatching plans for the spatial development of the city of the future. The 2040 Land-Use Plan, urban design concepts, frameworks such as the district guidelines, and the 2030 Long-term Development Plan are all discussed and coordinated in detail with citizens and politicians so that Freiburg develops in the way that the majority of the city’s population wants.

The focus is on the tasks of urban development planning and urban planning. As a result, the urban planning office is responsible for various informal and formal planning activities for the city as a whole, city districts, neighborhoods, and individual areas. Key areas of focus encompass urban development (including conceptual open-space planning and landscape planning), preparatory and binding urban land-use planning (including environmental assessment, urban design, and urban framework planning), the drafting and negotiation of urban development contracts, and urban design. One task is the examination and development of new residential areas. All tasks involve in-depth stakeholder participation and public relations.