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Mobility and transport

Ever since the 1970s, the City of Freiburg has been championing environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Most recently, the architects of the 2020 Transport Development Plan affirmed that the primary aims are to avoid traffic through a coordinated urban development and transport policy ("The city of short distances") and to make ecomobility (walking, biking, public transportation) more appealing. The plan is to make the remaining car traffic as environmentally and city-friendly as possible by minimizing noise, exhaust fumes, and hazards.

(Photos: City of Freiburg)
(Photo: VAG Freiburg)

For many decades, the city has therefore been expanding light-rail lines and bike paths, enlarging and beautifying pedestrian zones and neighborhood centers, optimizing traffic-light settings, and improving traffic regulations. Together with Freiburg’s environmentally friendly and active residents, these efforts have been a great success: 79% of all trips are made by bicycle, bus, train, or on foot—the top nationwide.