ICLEI Europe


ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is the world’s leading network for sustainable development on the local level. Founded in 1990, ICLEI now includes more than 1,500 cities and regions worldwide. The European Secretariat is based in Freiburg, Germany. Altogether, ICLEI has 17 offices across the globe.

ICLEI in Europe

ICLEI gives its members a voice on the European and international stages, provides them with a platform for networking, and offers them the tools they need to advance positive environmental, economic, and social change. In Europe, ICLEI includes more than 160 members from 35 European countries.

ICLEI’s expertise concerning a wide range of topics in Europe and beyond helps municipalities make swifter progress and improve the quality of life for their citizens without jeopardizing their natural resources.

ICLEI’s areas of focus

Biodiversity and ecosystem services
Climate protection
Climate-change adaptation
Infrastructure, buildings, construction
Mobility and transport
Procurement and sustainable management
Indicators and performance measurement
Integrated management
Governance, participation, and social innovation
Smart and green infrastructure solutions
Investments and financing

More about ICLEI Europe: iclei-europe.org

Mayor Martin Horn (left) with Wolfgang Teubner (ICLEI Regional Director Europe) (Photo: City of Freiburg)
Local Renewables Conference 2018 in Freiburg (Photo: ICLEI)
Local Renewables

Local Renewables conference series

Since 2007, the Green City Office has been the co-organizer of the “Local Renewables Freiburg” conference series with its partner ICLEI.

More about this topic: local-renewables-conference.org