Green Industy Park

Industrial Area North

The change to renewable energies is economically advantageous for companies. An important building block of the change is the networking of all important actors and necessary components in order to form the basis for an intelligent control of energy generation, storage and use.

In the light of climate change, the city of Freiburg, badenova, Fraunhofer ISE and FWTM have developed a new approach within the framework of the "Green City Freiburg" concept: The "Green Industry Park Freiburg" initiative, which was launched in February 2014, is intended to be the largest and Freiburg's oldest industrial area north to be developed into a future-oriented, sustainable, energy- and resource-efficient industrial area with a nationwide model character and its own "brand" with which the companies can identify. It was about the networking of committed companies and individual company solutions, the joint development of new, innovative projects and model projects as well as the identification and use of potential savings and cooperation opportunities.

Trade Fair and Green Industry Park (Photo: FWTM)
Energy hill "Eichelbuck" (Photo: FWTM/City of Freiburg)
Exhibition "Urban Mobility" (Photo: FWTM)
Areal view Industrial Area North (Photo: FWTM/Münzer)

Cimate Protection Concept

The first step on the way to a green industrial area and the climate protection sub-concept was a data collection from the local companies as well as several workshops to get an overview of the energy flows. In a second step, it was checked whether these energy flows could be optimized. For example, the excess waste heat from a neighboring company could heat a hall. The result of the data is a catalog of measures, which shows which measures could be taken where and with which priority. This includes both an analysis of the existing energy infrastructure and the development of suitable climate protection measures as well as the networking of existing and the start-up of new, innovative projects. You can download the partial climate protection concept HERE.

Winner "Climate Active Municipality 2018"

With the project of an emission-free heat supply within the framework of the GIP, Freiburg is one of the winners in the competition "Climate Active Municipality 2018". The award was given for the climate-friendly energy supply of a commercial and industrial area.